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Click thumbnails for a behind-the-scenes look at each project.


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What’s up with our website?

1st May 2014 by stillrivercreative

We’re okay with the old Despite some broken links and tiny bits of outdated info the space still provides useful info, so we’ve kept the navigation link to ‘previous SRC website’ in place.


Yes, we really do have a redesign in progress. Work for clients comes first, however. Sigh…

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How to come up with a great ad concept

20th November 2012 by stillrivercreative

Go to a quiet place or sit down at an empty table with some blank, unlined paper.

Answer three questions:
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How to avoid saying no

15th October 2012 by stillrivercreative

There are a million reasons we want to please clients. And so we tend to say yes when we really should say no. Sometimes we’re like politicians: the core motivation is our desire to keep the job, and it blinds us to doing what’s best, what’s right, for everyone. We acquiesce. Or we’re stuck in the same old opinions. Too lazy to look for innovative solutions.

Overcoming laziness isn’t hard. Getting unstuck can be.

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