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Click thumbnails for a behind-the-scenes look at each project.


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What’s up with our website?

1st May 2014 by stillrivercreative

It really was time to retire the old Still River Creative site. It was cool in it’s own way and had some useful info, but the glossy-buttons look was so 2010. And there are more effective ways to tell our story. We started to flesh out our portfolio, but there is much more to do and to tell.


Yes, we really do have a redesign in progress. Work for clients comes first, however. Sigh…

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A ridiculously easy 5% commission
Cash. Yours. Now.

18th March 2014 by stillrivercreative


Get a piece of the pie simply by making an introduction that results in a new project.

There is no catch.

You don’t have to be in our industry; and this offer is open to anyone, anywhere.

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How to come up with a great ad concept

20th November 2012 by stillrivercreative

Go to a quiet place or sit down at an empty table with some blank, unlined paper.

Answer three questions:
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